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Goal!, American Haunting, Ice Age 2, Over The Hedge, Garfield 2, Waist Deep

A bit late, the roundup of different or higher quality versions of previously posted trailers from last week, partially in high-definition, mostly from the apple site.

Goal!     HQ 20MB    HD480p 41MB    HD720p 99MB
A different trailer for this inspiring sports movie in which a young Latino soccer player journeys from the Barrios of East LA to the glamour of the English Premier league to try and win a contract with Newcastle United.

An American Haunting     HQ 21MB    HD480p 47MB    HD720p 115MB
A different trailer for this horror thriller that shows the fictional account of the Bell Witch legend. A series of disturbing and allegedly inexplicable, real events caused by a ghost in Tennessee in the early 19th century. Cast includes Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek and Rachel Hurd-Wood (Peter Pan).

Ice Age 2     3 MB
A new international trailer. Technical quality isn't very good, but it has lots of new footage in it.

Over the Hedge     HQ 20MB    HD480p 31MB    HD720p 101MB
Animated movie about a mischievous racoon and his sensitive best-buddy turtle along with other forest creatures who try to resist the evils and temptations of encroaching suburbia. Among the voice talents are Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, a burping Steve Carell, The Shatner Nick Nolte and Wanda Sykes.

Garfield's A Tale of Two Kitties     6 MB
The first, very short teaser in better technical quality for this sequel. The main cast (Bill Murray, Breckin Meyer, Jennifer Love Hewitt) will return.

Waist Deep     19 MB
Crime drama about an ex-convict (Tyrese Gibson) who gets tangled up with a gang after his car is hijacked with his son inside. Directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall who once made the nice little movie Gridlock'd.

American Gun     20 MB
Drama that con    sists of seemingly disparate portraits of people - among them a single mother, a high school principal, a gun shop owner and an ace student - all affected by the proliferation of guns in American society. The cast, consisting of Donald Sutherland, Forest Whitaker, Marcia Gay Harden, Linda Cardellini and Tony Goldwyn is interesting, but sadly, the reviews so far aren't very encouraging. Already in limited release in the US.

Stoned     25 MB
Biopic of debauched 1960s rock icon, Brian Jones, the charismatic guitarist who founded the Rolling Stones but was fired in 1969 and found dead at the bottom of his swimming pool a few weeks later. Directorial debut of Stephen Woolley, long time producer of Neil Jordan. Already in limited release in the US.

Roving Mars     HQ 14MB    HD480p 31MB    HD720p 77MB
40-minute documentary about NASA's Mars expedition shown in Imax theatres in the US. It looks a bit like an advertisement for NASA (and presented by arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin), but the computer enhanced images from Mars nevertheless look great.

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