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No Time To Die, I'm Your Man, Best Sellers, Scenes from a Marriage, Mayday

No Time To Die     HD720p 107MB   HD1080p 175MB
Final trailer for the next Bond movie, now scheduled for a world-wide at the end of the month, with a running time of 2h 43min. Bond (Daniel Craig) has left active service and is enjoying a tranquil life in Jamaica. His peace is short-lived when his old friend Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) from the CIA turns up asking for help. The mission to rescue a kidnapped scientist turns out to be far more treacherous than expected, leading Bond onto the trail of a mysterious villain (Rami Malek) armed with dangerous new technology. Léa Seydoux, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes return. Cast additions are Lashana Lynch and Ana de Armas. Directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga (Jane Eyre, True Detective S01, Beasts of No Nation).

I'm Your Man     HD720p 77MB
Playful romance about relationships, love, and what it means to be human in the modern age. In order to obtain funds for her research, Alma (Maren Eggert) is persuaded to participate in an extraordinary study. For three weeks she is required to live with Tom (Dan Stevens), a humanoid robot designed to be the perfect life partner for her, tailored to her character and needs.
Watch it and you will hear Stevens speak German very well. The subtitles are a bit ... sanitised. Around the 1:25 mark Alma's actually asking "So, what about your cock?" and then "So that's the cock of my dreams?".
Eggert won the award for Best Acting Performance this year in Berlin.

Best Sellers     HD720p 31MB
Comedic drama in which, in a last-ditch effort to save the boutique publishing house her father has left her, an ambitious young editor (Aubrey Plaza) goes on a book tour with a bitter, booze-addled author (Michael Caine) who put the publishing house on the map decades ago.
Being a fan of Plaza and Caine will probably help.

Scenes from a Marriage     HD1080p 21MB
I tend not to include trailers for TV series, but given the cast, here's one for a five part limited series adapted from Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 Swedish classic. It re-examines the iconic depiction of love, hatred, desire, monogamy, marriage, and divorce through the lens of a contemporary American couple (Oscar Isaac, Jessica Chastain). Directed by Israeli Hagai Levi, the original creator of the series "In Treatment".
After screening out of competition this week in Venice, it will start streaming on HBO Max September 12th.

Mayday     HD720p 92MB
Hard to categorise, action fantasy, female-revenge film in which Ana (Grace Van Patten) finds herself transported to a dreamlike and dangerous coastline. Once there, she joins a female army engaged in a never-ending war where the women lure men to their deaths with radio signals, like 20th century sirens. Though Ana finds strength in this exhilarating world, she comes to realize she is not the killer they want her to be. Mia Goth, Soko and Juliette Lewis are also part of the cast.
Festival reviews indicate that the story not quite makes a lot of sense, but it's an interesting attempt at world-building with lots of idea.

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