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Ava, Hamilton, Luxor, The Sunlit Night, Bill & Ted Face the Music

Ava     HD720p 89MB
Action thriller about Ava (Jessica Chastain), who is a deadly assassin who works for a black ops organization, traveling the globe specializing in high profile hits. When a job goes dangerously wrong she is forced to fight for her own survival. John Malkovich, Colin Farrell, Common, Geena Davis, Ioan Gruffudd and Joan Chen are also part of the cast. Directed by Tate Taylor (The Girl on the Train, The Help, Get on Up).
First trailer for a somewhat bigger budget movie with a prominent cast in a while.

Hamilton     HD720p 15MB
Short teaser for the Broadway musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, that will start streaming on Disney+ starting July 3rd.
It's featuring a score that blends hip-hop, jazz, R&B and Broadway. It has taken the story of American founding father Alexander Hamilton and created a revolutionary moment in theatre - a musical that has had a profound impact on culture, politics, and education. Cast members include Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., Christopher Jackson, Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Anthony Ramos and Phillipa Soo.

Luxor     HD1080p 28MB
Romantic drama set in Egypt. When British aid worker Hana (Andrea Riseborough) returns from working at a clinic at the Jordanian-Syrian border to the ancient city of Luxor, she comes across Sultan (Karim Saleh), a talented archeologist and former lover. As she wanders, haunted by the familiar place, she struggles to reconcile the choices of the past with the uncertainty of the present.
Cairo Time comes to mind. But reviews indicate the focus is more on Hana's state of mind.

The Sunlit Night     HD1080p 64MB
Romantic comedy that follows an aspiring painter (Jenny Slate) from New York City to the farthest reaches of Arctic Norway for an assignment she hopes will invigorate her work and expand her horizons. In a remote village, among the locals, she meets a fellow New Yorker (Alex Sharp), who has come in search of a proper Viking funeral only to find that the Chief (Zach Galifianakis) is but a re-enactor from Cincinnati. Gillian Anderson, David Paymer and Jessica Hecht are also part of the cast. Hard to belive, but this by-the-numbers romcom is directed by David Wnendt (Wetlands, Combat Girls, Look Who's Back), who so far made very unique movies about unusual subjects.
Looks not as funny as it should, and Sundance reviews mostly aren't very kind.

Bill & Ted Face the Music     HD720p 51MB
Teaser for a new sequel, about thirty years after the first two films. The stakes are higher than ever for the time-traveling exploits of William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and Theodore "Ted" Logan (Keanu Reeves). Yet to fulfill their rock and roll destiny, the now middle aged best friends set out on a new adventure when a visitor from the future warns them that only their song can save life as we know it. Along the way, they will be helped by their daughters, a new batch of historical figures, and a few music legends - to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe. Directed by Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest, Fun with Dick and Jane, RED 2).
Not sure if this is a good idea.
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