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This is not a drill. - Trailer Spotting

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January 29th, 2017

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01:52 pm - This is not a drill.
Week one of the compulsive liar in office is over. A lot has happened. Trump's cabinet is filled with triple-digit millionaires (Ross, DeVos, Tillerson, Viola, Mnuchin) and bankers (Cohn, Bannon, Mnuchin, Scaramucci). Many people who are either incompetent (DeVos, Carson) or whose major goal in the past was to attack or destroy the departments they are now heading (Perry, Pruitt, Puzder). The systematic assault from within on many of the basic functions of the US government and its civil servants, as announced in his inauguration speech, has begun.
The president refuses to distance himself from his businesses, the door for corruption and nepotism is wide open.

Steve Bannon, this week declared that it's time for the press to "keep its mouth shut". He is the former executive chair of Breitbart News, the white supremacist, far-right website that spreads racist propaganda. He has declared the press as the "opposition party". Bannon is now the Chief Strategist of President Trump, he is also a member of the National Security Council. Expect the White House's war against the free press to continue. They will continue to blanket the media with lies and "alternative facts" to confuse and distract.
Bannon gets quoted as follows "Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment."

It is said that the first casualty in war is the truth. I think it's fair to say that this presidency has declared war. As a consequence, how will you ever believe anything this president will say?

Trump frequently repeats the completely unsubstantiated claims of three to five million illegal votes (at the same time stating none of those votes were for him, and that his election was legitimate). There have been numerous studies in the past that showed that there is no meaningful voter fraud in the US. The only problem that exists are the constant attempts of Republicans to make it more difficult for minorities and poor people to vote. The repetition of those claims only serves to make the claims sound legit, and will in all likelihood lead to even more Republican measures to suppress voting in the US.

The official attack on Muslims in the US has begun with the first executive order targeting seven predominantly Muslim countries. Trump was invoking 9/11 to incite fear. Though none of the hijacker came from the targeted countries. Most people who committed terrorist acts on US soil in recent years were US citizens, no refugee has committed a terrorist attack in the US. The ban also sharply undermines cooperation in the war on terror. Conveniently, the ban only targets countries Trump does not business with.

By targeting Muslim countries in this way, he's handing a big victory to ISIS and similar terrorist organisations. One of their major goals is to prove that the West is strategically attacking Islam. Trump handed terrorists an enormous recruitment argument.
The executive order was written on Holocaust Remembrance Day. A fact I'm sure wasn't lost on white supremacists. The official White House press release regarding Holocaust Remembrance Day did not mention Jews.

The targeting of Muslims will continue. There is talk of a Muslim registry, they will try to build internment camps. Muslims will be made into scapegoats for all kind of things. They will be one of the minorities under constant threat. Facts will not matter, they will continue to produce countless lies that others will use to commit hate crimes. At this point it should be obvious, this is same purpose the Jews served in Nazi Germany.

Trump again repeated his false claims that crime in the US is out of control. He mentioned similar things in his dire inauguration speech. Trump this week threatened to "send in the Feds" to Chicago.
The following quotes are from the White House homepage: "A Trump Administration will empower our law enforcement officers to do their jobs and keep our streets free of crime and violence. The Trump Administration will be a law and order administration." "Our job is not to make life more comfortable for the rioter, the looter, or the violent disrupter."
These are statements associated with fascist authoritarian regimes. If you will protest they will at one point label you as a violent disruptor if you don't agree with their policies. Remember Trump's repeated attacks on Black civil rights leader John Lewis. These are calculated attacks. Imagine what they will do to less prominent figures.
You already have seen the pictures of a militarised police force in the US. They will continue to turn the US into a police state.

This was only the first week and these are only some highlights. There were also the continued attacks on Mexico, immigration and science. I surely hope I'm very wrong with what I'm writing here. But it should be clear by now, this is not a drill. And I can't see how this can end well.

I will disable comments.
If you are from the US and in general are delighted with all the statements coming from and the measures taken by the new administration, write in your own journal. I also suggest that you go to a mosque and explain to your fellow US Muslim citizens why all these measures are a good thing.

If you in general agree with the fears I describe, contact your local and state government representatives. On the phone, write them letters, visit them. Get politically organised, demonstrate, donate. Whenever you can, take time to help other people to register to vote. Get active. "Likes" and "tweets" will not help.


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