December 9th, 2008


Icons: Bad Santa, The Boat That Rocked, "Life", assorted

When I recently saw the poster series for The Boat That Rocked I couldn't resist making them into icons. And while I was at it I used the opportunity and turned some of the screencaps that have accumulated in recent months also into icons. Although I probably should add that making icons in my case mainly consists of cutting, resizing and trying to re-create fun little moments. Nothing like the art-like efforts some of you are capable of. Nevertheless, if some of you would like to take some:

• 05 Bad Santa
• 10 The Boat That Rocked
• 01 Imagine Me & You
• 01 Little Miss Sunshine
• 02 Undercover Brother
• 03 Wristcutters: A Love Story
• 21 "Life": 2x06: 'Did You Feel That?' and 2x09: 'Badge Bunny'


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