August 3rd, 2008


What Just Happened, Infinite Playlist, Rachel Getting Married, Pride and Glory, Princess and Frog

What Just Happened?     HD480p 64MB   HD720p 90MB
The official trailer for this comedic drama that focuses on two weeks in the life of a fading Hollywood producer (Robert De Niro) who's having a rough time trying to get his new picture made and who's also trying to hold on to a broken second marriage. Extensive cast includes Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, John Turturro, Michael Wincott, Catherine Keener, Robin Wright Penn, Sean Penn And also Kristen Stewart, the girl that will also be in, oh, never mind. Directed by Barry Levinson (Bandits, Wag the Dog, Rain Man). Based on the book by Hollywood producer Art Linson.
Pretty much all available reviews point out that The Player is the better movie, but I still think that they were at least able to make a funny trailer.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist     HD480p 35MB
Coming of age comedic drama about two people thrust together for one hilarious, sleepless night of adventure in a world of mix tapes, late-night living, and, live, loud music. Nick (Michael Cera) frequents New York's indie rock scene nursing a broken heart and a vague ability to play the bass. Norah (Kat Dennings) is questioning pretty much all of her assumptions about the world. Chris and Paul Weitz have producer credits.
Looks pretty sweet. And don't get irritated by the file name, they screwed up the encoding, so far there isn't a 720p version.

Rachel Getting Married     HD480p 49MB   HD720p 112MB
Pretty intense family drama about an ex-model (Anne Hathaway) who has been in and out from rehab for the past 10 years and now returns home for the weekend for her sister's wedding. Debra Winger is also part of the cast. Directed by Jonathan Demme (Philadelphia, The Silence of the Lambs, Something Wild). Movie will take part at the official competition later in the month in Venice.
Speaking of Venice, the official program is out, in case you want to have a look.

Pride and Glory     HD480p 50MB   HD720p 113MB
If you would've asked me I would've said that this movie already was released months ago but this is apparently not the case. Not sure if that means that something's wrong with it or if it just got lost in the New Line Cinema shuffle. Either way, here's a second full trailer that emphasises more action instead of drama.
Crime drama that follows a multi-generational police family whose moral code is tested when one of two sons (Edward Norton, Noah Emmerich) on the force investigates an incendiary case involving his older brother and brother-in-law (Colin Farrell). The case forces the family to choose between their loyalties to one another and their loyalties to the department. Also part of the cast are John Voight, Jennifer Ehle and Lake Bell.

The Princess and the Frog     16 MB
Very brief announcement teaser for this animated movie that will be in theatres in December next year and that will mark Disney's return to 2D animation. It will be a fairy tale musical centered on a young girl named Princess Tiana who lives in New Orleans' French Quarter during the Jazz Age. Written and directed by the people who were responsible for The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and The Great Mouse Detective.