July 9th, 2008


Tropic Thunder, 12, Traitor, Taken, Psycho

Tropic Thunder     HD480p 35MB   HD720p 115MB    UK 12MB
They are pushing the parody of Apocalypse Now pretty far. This is a trailer for the non-existing documentary Rain of Madness (or maybe as a DVD extra) about the turbulent shooting of the movie that's the basis for the story of Tropic Thunder, thus mimicking the doc The Hearts of Darkness. Seems those guys really had a lot of fun making the movie.
Also, another international trailer for the real movie (whatever "real" means in this context). It stars Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr., Jack Black, Steve Coogan and Nick Nolte.

12     HD480p 41MB   HD720p 103MB
Russian version of 12 Angry Men by acclaimed actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov that was nominated for this year's Best Foreign Language Film. The story, while basically the same, has been moved to Russia and takes place in a gym adjusted for jury deliberations. It's about 12 jurors discussing a verdict to pass on an 18 year-old Chechen boy whether he is guilty of the 1st degree murder of his step-father - an officer of the Russian army.
While more than 2 1/2 hours long, reviews have been very favourable and the trailer looks good.

Traitor     HD480p 16MB   HD720p 52MB
A second, shorter, more dramatic trailer for this espionage thriller that centres on a CIA operative working undercover (Don Cheadle) with a terrorist group who becomes a terrorist suspect after it becomes unclear where his loyalties lie. Guy Pearce plays an agent who investigates terrorist activities. Jeff Daniels, Neal McDonough, Archie Panjabi and Said Taghmaoui round up the cast. Interestingly, the story is based on an original idea by Steve Martin before the script was developed by the director Jeffrey Nachmanoff.
The longer, first trailer.

Taken     HD480p 36MB   HD720p 93MB    Clip1   Clip2   Clip3   Clip4
The US trailer for this action revenge thriller. It's the same as the previously posted French one, but without subtitles and in hi-def quicktime. It's about a former spy (Liam Neeson) who relies on his old skills to save his estranged daughter (Maggie Grace), who has been forced into the slave trade. Famke Janssen plays his wife. Produced and co-written by Luc Besson. Directed by Pierre Morel who made Banlieue 13 and who was the cinematographer for other action movies made by Besson's EuropaCorp production firm (The Transporter, Unleashed).

Psycho     53 MB
I saw an interesting documentary a couple of weeks ago in which a brief excerpt from a trailer for Psycho was shown. I found a good version of it online and since I think it's pretty funny (if you know the movie, but who doesn't) I'll post it. It's an almost seven minute long introduction by Alfred Hitchcock who is wandering across the set and tells us things about the movie.