January 22nd, 2008


For your consideration

Funny how time flies, it's already time to update the annual Oscar nominations trailer entry.
The nominations for some of the categories of this years Awards from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aka the Oscars. The links lead to the corresponding high quality trailers from the apple site or yahoo whenever possible (and not to imdb) so that you can have a look at the nominated movies if you want to. Just right-click, save-as. All nominations can be found here, including the links to the imdb entries. The ceremony will maybe be held on Sunday, February 24th. Or at least another kick-ass press conference.
A large amount of information about the Oscars can be found at Oscarwatch Awards Daily (site currently down) or at the Road to the Oscars.

Best Picture
Atonement, Juno, Michael Clayton, No Country for Old Men, There Will Be Blood.

Best Director
Paul Thomas Anderson, Ethan and Joel Coen, Tony Gilroy, Jason Reitman, Julian Schnabel.

Best Leading Actress
Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth), Julie Christie, Marion Cotillard, Laura Linney, Ellen Page.

Best Leading Actor
George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, Johnny Depp, Tommy Lee Jones, Viggo Mortensen.

Best Supporting Actress
Cate Blanchett (I'm Not There), Ruby Dee, Saoirse Ronan, Amy Ryan, Tilda Swinton.

Best Supporting Actor
Casey Affleck, Javier Bardem, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hal Holbrook, Tom Wilkinson.

Best Animated Feature
Persepolis, Ratatouille, Surf's Up.

Best Foreign Language
The Counterfeiters (Austria), Beaufort (Israel), Mongol (Kazakhstan), Katyn (Poland), 12 Angry Men (Russia).

And if so many serious movies make your head hurt, have a look at the Razzie Nominees.

Incoherent Ramblings:
• Seems like the Academy wasn't too impressed by the gushers of blood of Sweeney Todd.
• The re-release of Michael Clayton in the US this weekend is well-timed.
• Only Saoirse Ronan from Atonement got an acting nomination. The Academy sure loves them under-age actresses.
• I'm surprised they found three animated pictures worth nominating.
• Interesting article about the outcry over this year's short-list of the Foreign Language Oscar nominations.
• Thanks to Cate Blanchett's nomination, Harvey Weinstein doesn't have to shoot himself.