Gunther (trailer_spot) wrote,

Damon vs. Kimmel

One of the funniest ongoing "feuds" on US late-night TV takes place between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel. The running gag usually is that host Kimmel is running out of time so Damon gets bumped off the show. The latest episode involved Kimmel's long-time girlfriend Sarah Silverman. Enjoy!

I would love to have a higher quality version of that clip but so far the best I can come up with is this (.flv 15 MB song) or the YouTube clip (save as 'Damon.flv'). Maybe the stream on the ABC website is better but since I don't reside in the US those bastards don't allow me to access it.

A previous episode that took place during Damon's promo tour for The Bourne Ultimatum is still available online (Quicktime 118 MB).

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