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Duchess, Bank Job, Coraline, Hancock, WALL•E, Charlie Wilson's War

The Duchess     HD480p 38MB   HD720p 61MB
A first trailer for this period drama adapted from Amanda Foreman's best-selling novel Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, documenting the romantic entanglements of a beautiful celebrity (Kiera Knightly) whose unhappy marriage to the Duke of Devonshire (Ralph Fiennes) threatens to erupt into scandal when she falls for an enterprising young politician. Also part of the cast are Charlotte Rampling, Dominic Cooper, Hayley Atwell and Simon McBurney.

The Bank Job     14 MB    Clip1   Clip2   Clip3
Thriller inspired by a real-life 1971 London bank robbery. A band of thieves tunnelled their way into a safe deposit vault, taking millions of dollars in cash and jewellry. The robbery made headlines for several days, but then all reporting stopped as a result of a government gag order. In the movie the crime involves murder, corruption and a sex scandal with links to the royal family. Ultimately, the thieves (lead by Jason Statham) are among the most innocent involved. Further cast members are Saffron Burrows, David Suchet, Daniel Mays and James Faulkner. Directed by Roger Donaldson (Thirteen Days, No Way Out, Cocktail).
While Statham seems to play more or less the same character every time I have to admit that that's what we like him for.

Coraline     53 MB
A brief, 40-second snippet from the upcoming animated movie based on Neil Gaiman's book. It's the story of a young girl (voiced by Dakota Fanning) who unlocks a mysterious door in her new home, and enters into an adventure in a parallel reality. Other voices will be provided by Ian McShane, Teri Hatcher, Keith David, Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French. Directed by Henry Selick The Nightmare Before Christmas. 'They Might Be Giants' will contribute songs to the film.

Hancock     HD480p 25MB   HD720p 83MB
Hi-def quicktime version of the recent teaser for this action (romantic) comedy about a hard-living superhero (Will Smith) who has fallen out of favour with the public and who enters into a questionable relationship with the wife (Charlize Theron) of the public relations professional (Jason Bateman) who's trying to repair his image. Directed by Peter Berg (The Kingdom, Friday Night Lights, The Rundown).

WALL•E     HD480p 63MB   HD720p 127MB
And also a hi-def quicktime version of the recently posted teaser for the upcoming Pixar movie that takes place in 2700 about a robot that spends every day doing what he was made for, collecting garbage on a flat, empty planet. The cute little robot has faithfully done his job for 700 years, but never found his true purpose... until now.

Charlie Wilson's War     .wmv 73MB   HD480p 176MB   HD720p 412MB    5Clips
Already in theatres, but this eight minute clip featuring Tom Hanks and Philip Seymour Hoffman is probably a highlight of the movie, maybe even the highlight if you're a fan of PSH so it might be worth a look. Follow the other link and you'll find five more clips.

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