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August 18th, 2018

11:44 am - Widows, Roma, The Guilty, Bel Canto, Climax
Widows     HD720p 88MB
Another trailer for this thriller based on TV series that tells the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal activities. Set in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, tensions build when Veronica (Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Belle (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate into their own hands and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall, Daniel Kaluuya, Jacki Weaver, Jon Bernthal, Lukas Haas and Brian Tyree Henry are also part of the cast. Directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave, Shame, Hunger). Gillian Flynn worked on the screenplay.

Roma     HD1080p 35MB
Dialogue-free teaser in black and white for the latest movie written and directed by Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men, Gravity, Y tu mamá también). There isn't yet a lot known about the film, it is apparently semi-autobiographical. The summary read: A story that chronicles a tumultuous year in the life of a middle-class family in Mexico City in the early 1970s.
Will take part in the official competition at the end of the month in Venice. Netflix owns the distribution rights, so you shouldn't have to wait long afterwards to be able to see it. Trailer version with English intertitles.

The Guilty - Den skyldige     HD720p 68MB
Intense thriller from Denmark about an alarm dispatcher and former police officer (Jakob Cedergren) who answers an emergency call from a kidnapped woman. When the call is suddenly disconnected, the search for the woman and her kidnapper begins. With the phone as his only tool, he enters a race against time to save the endangered woman.

Bel Canto     HD720p 85MB
Thriller drama about a famous opera singer (Julianne Moore) who is held hostage in South America by a guerrilla rebel group after performing at a Japanese businessman's (Ken Watanabe) lavish birthday party. Unexpected bonds are forged in the standoff that ensues. Sebastian Koch, Christopher Lambert and Elsa Zylberstein are also part of the cast. Directed by Paul Weitz (About a Boy, Being Flynn, Grandma).
Interesting cast, but it seems to me like a very strange story. Though it is apparently (loosely) inspired by real events.

Climax     HD720p 76MB
Trailer for the latest "trip" written and directed by Gaspar Noé (Enter the Void, Irreversible, Love) comes a hypnotic, hallucinatory, and ultimately hair-raising depiction of a party that descends into delirium over the course of one wintry night. A troupe of young dancers (Sofia Boutella among them) gathers in a remote and empty school building to rehearse. Following an unforgettable opening performance, the troupe begins an all-night celebration that turns nightmarish as the dancers discover they've been pounding cups of sangria laced with potent LSD. Tracking their journey from jubilation to chaos and full-fledged anarchy.

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August 15th, 2018

11:10 am - Green Book, A Boy. A Girl. A Dream., Slaughterhouse Rulez, Buybust, Robin Hood
Green Book     HD720p 94MB
When Tony Lip (Viggo Mortensen), a bouncer from an Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx, is hired to drive Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), a world-class Black pianist, on a concert tour from Manhattan to the Deep South, they must rely on “The Green Book” to guide them to the few establishments that were then safe for African-Americans. Confronted with racism, danger - as well as unexpected humanity and humor - they are forced to set aside differences to survive and thrive on the journey of a lifetime.
Interestingly, directed by Peter Farrelly, one of the two brothers who so far were responsible for some ... lighter fare (There's Something About Mary, Stuck on You, Dumb and Dumber).

A Boy. A Girl. A Dream.     HD720p 67MB
Walk-and-talk two-hander filmed in one take. Set on the night of the 2016 Presidential election, it is about Cass (Omari Hardwick), an L.A. club promoter, who takes a thrilling and emotional journey with Frida (Meagan Good), a Midwestern visitor. She challenges him to revisit his broken dreams - while he pushes her to discover hers.

Slaughterhouse Rulez     HD1080p 14MB
UK trailer for this horror comedy about an elite boarding school where boys and girls are groomed for power and greatness ... and they’re about to meet their match. This ancient and ordered world is about to be shaken to its foundations - literally - when a controversial frack site on prized school woodland causes seismic tremors, a mysterious sinkhole, and an unspeakable horror to be unleashed. Simon Pegg, Michael Sheen, Nick Frost, Finn Cole and Asa Butterfield are part of the cast.
Yes, it has Pegg and Frost (they also produced), but ...

Buybust     HD720p 76MB
If one enjoys two hours of (almost) relentless action with some added social commentary, a thriller from the Philippines. After surviving the slaughter of her entire squad in a drug raid compromised by dirty cops, anti-narcotics special operative Nina Manigan (Anne Curtis), is eager to go head-to-head with the drug cartels that hold a bloody grip on Manila. But when her new mission in the city’s most dangerous slum goes south, the angry civilians turn on her squad. Trapped between a brutal drug gang and hordes of bloodthirsty citizens, their only option is to fight their way out, turning one claustrophobic street at a time into a symphony of apocalyptic violence.
Now in limited release in the US.

Robin Hood     HD720p 89MB   HD1080p 162MB
Full trailer for "a thrilling action-adventure packed with gritty battlefield exploits, mind-blowing fight choreography, and a timeless romance." Robin of Loxley (Taron Egerton) a war-hardened Crusader and his Moorish commander (Jamie Foxx) mount an audacious revolt against the corrupt English crown. Ben Mendelsohn, Eve Hewson, Jamie Dornan and Paul Anderson are also part of the cast.

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August 10th, 2018

11:47 am - Lizzie, Operation Finale, The Old Man & The Gun, Shadow, Let the Corpses Tan
Lizzie     HD720p 82MB
Trailer for another interpretation of the story of Lizzie Borden. 1892: Headstrong Borden (Christina Ricci Chloë Sevigny) lives with her wealthy father (Jamey Sheridan), stepmother (Fiona Shaw), and sister (Kim Dickens). She lovingly tends to her pet pigeons and is occasionally allowed out of her dimly lit, foreboding house, but otherwise lives under strict rules set by her domineering father. When her family hires live-in maid Bridget (Kristen Stewart), the two find kindred spirits in one another. Their friendship begins with covert communication and companionship that blossoms into an intimate relationship. Meanwhile, tension builds in the Borden household, and Lizzie's claustrophobic existence becomes increasingly more oppressive and abusive, leading to its inevitable breaking point.

Operation Finale     HD720p 83MB
A second, tense trailer for this political thriller that follows the 1960 covert mission of legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) as he infiltrates Argentina and captures Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the Nazi officer who masterminded the transportation logistics that brought millions of innocent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps. Mélanie Laurent, Nick Kroll and Haley Lu Richardson are also part of the cast. Directed by Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, About a Boy, The Twilight Saga: New Moon).

The Old Man & The Gun     HD720p 92MB
Nostalgic crime thriller with comedic elements based on the true story of Forrest Tucker (Robert Redford), from his audacious escape from San Quentin at the age of 70 to an unprecedented string of heists that confounded authorities and enchanted the public. Wrapped up in the pursuit are detective John Hunt (Casey Affleck), who becomes captivated with his commitment to his craft, and a woman (Sissy Spacek), who loves him in spite of his chosen profession. Danny Glover, Tom Waits and Tika Sumpter are also part of the cast. Directed by David Lowery (Pete's Dragon, A Ghost Story, Ain't Them Bodies Saints).

Shadow     HD1080p 11MB
Teaser for the latest movie directed by Zhang Yimou (Hero, Raise the Red Lantern, Curse of the Golden Flower). Unfortunately, an official summary at this point is hard to come by. Here's what you can find at IMDb. Set during China's Three Kingdom's era (AD 220-280). The story of a great king and his people, who will be expelled from their homeland and will aspire to claim it. The king, violent and ambitious, of mysterious methods and motives; his general, a visionary who yearns to win the final battle but needs to prepare his plans in secret; the women of the palace, who struggle to find redemption in a world where they have no place; and a commoner called "Lord of all the world", will be the characters around who turn the inexorable forces of this story.
It sure looks interesting.

Let the Corpses Tan - Laissez bronzer les cadavres     HD720p 70MB
Violent homage to 1970s Italian crime films based on a pulp novel. After stealing a truckload of gold bars, a gang of thieves absconds to the ruins of a remote village perched on the cliffs of the Mediterranean. Home to a reclusive yet hypersexual artist and her motley crew of family and admirers, it seems like a perfect hideout. But when two cops roll up on motorcycles to investigate, the hamlet erupts into a hallucinatory battlefield as both sides engage in an all-day, all-night firefight rife with double-crosses and dripping with blood. Directed by Belgian duo Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani (Amer).
The emphasis here naturally is on style.

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August 4th, 2018

11:42 am - Venom, If Beale Street Could Talk, King of Thieves, Peterloo, Smallfoot
Venom     HD720p 113MB   HD1080p 208MB
Another full trailer for another comic-book adaptation. When Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) acquires the powers of a symbiote, he will have to release his alter-ego "Venom" to save his life. Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Reid Scott and Jenny Slate are also part of the cast. Directed by Ruben Fleischer (Gangster Squad, Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less).

If Beale Street Could Talk     HD720p 20MB
Teaser trailer for the new movie directed by Barry Jenkins (Moonlight, Medicine for Melancholy) based on a novel by James Baldwin. It's a drama about a woman (Kiki Layne) fighting to free her falsely accused husband (Stephan James) from prison before the birth of their child. Regina King, Brian Tyree Henry, Colman Domingo, Teyonah Parris, Michael Beach, Ed Skrein, Emily Rios, Pedro Pascal and Diego Luna are also part of the cast.

King of Thieves     HD1080p 20MB
Trailer from the UK that would be labelled 'redband' in the US for this darkly funny, incredible true story of the Hatton Garden robbery in London's jewelry district, the most daring heist in British criminal history by a crew of retired crooks (Michael Caine, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Michael Gambon, Tom Courtenay). Charlie Cox is also part of the cast. Directed by James Marsh (The Theory of Everything, Shadow Dancer, Man on Wire).
I'm sure I've seen a similar movie before with American actors. But dialogue and insults just sound better with a British accent.

Peterloo     HD720p 46MB
Teaser for the latest movie written and directed by Mike Leigh (Happy-Go-Lucky, Mr. Turner, Another Year). It's about one of the bloodiest episodes in British history, the infamous Peterloo Massacre of 1819, where government-backed cavalry charged into a peaceful crowd of 80,000 that gathered in Manchester, England to demand democratic reform. Cast members include Rory Kinnear, Maxine Peake, Philip Jackson and Tim McInnerny.
Movie will take part in the official competition in Venice at the end of the month. The full line-up.

Smallfoot     HD720p 88MB
Final trailer for this animated adventure that will be in theatres next September. It turns the Bigfoot legend upside down when a bright young Yeti (Channing Tatum) finds something he thought didn't exist - a human (James Corden). News of this "smallfoot" brings him fame and a chance with the girl of his dreams. It also throws the simple Yeti community into an uproar over what else might be out there in the big world beyond their snowy village. More voices will be provided by Zendaya, Common, LeBron James, Gina Rodriguez and Danny DeVito. Directed by Karey Kirkpatrick (Over the Hedge, Imagine That).

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July 24th, 2018

11:38 am - Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Alita, Boy Erased, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, What They Had
Godzilla: King of the Monsters     HD720p 91MB   HD1080p 169MB
First trailer for another action adventure sequel/cross-over, one that pits Godzilla against some of the most popular monsters in pop culture history. The story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species - thought to be mere myths - rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance. Among the human actors supporting the special effects will be Vera Farmiga, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Sally Hawkins, Bradley Whitford, Thomas Middleditch , O'Shea Jackson Jr., Charles Dance, Zhang Ziyi and Ken Watanabe.
Will be in theatres next May.

Alita: Battle Angel     HD720p 94MB   HD1080p 175MB
Second trailer for this action adventure set several centuries in the future, based on the manga novels by Yukito Kishiro. The abandoned Alita (Rosa Salazar) is found in the scrapyard of Iron City by Ido (Christoph Waltz), a compassionate cyber-doctor who takes the unconscious cyborg Alita to his clinic. When she awakens she has no memory of who she is, nor does she have any recognition of the world she finds herself in. As she learns to navigate her new life, Ido tries to shield her from her mysterious past while her street-smart new friend (Keean Johnson) offers instead to help trigger her memories. A growing affection develops between the two until deadly forces come after Alita. It is then that she discovers she has extraordinary fighting abilities. Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali, Ed Skrein and Jackie Earle Haley are also part to the cast. Directed by Robert Rodriguez (Spy Kids, Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn), but one of the driving forces behind it is James Cameron who has been talking about this project for more than a decade.

Boy Erased     HD720p 92MB
Drama tells the story of Jared (Lucas Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe) at age 19. He is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently exiled and shunned by his family, friends, and faith. Joel Edgerton, Cherry Jones and Xavier Dolan are also part of the cast. It is also written and directed by Edgerton.
The cries for awards are a bit deafening.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post     HD1080p 25MB
Same topic, but with a slightly less depressing approach. Set in 1993, the movie follows Cameron (Chloë Grace Moretz) as she is sent to a gay conversion therapy center after getting caught with another girl in the back seat of a car on prom night. Run by the strict and severe Dr. Lydia Marsh (Jennifer Ehle) and her brother, the center is built upon repenting for “same sex attraction.” In the face of intolerance and denial, Cameron meets a group of fellow sinners including the amputee stoner Jane (Sasha Lane), and her friend, the Lakota Two-Spirit, Adam (Forrest Goodluck). Together, this group of teenagers form an unlikely family as they fight to survive.
Won the Grand Jury Prize this year in Sundance.

What They Had     HD720p 81MB
Drama with some humorous elements that centers on a family in crisis. Bridget (Hilary Swank) returns home to Chicago at her brother's (Michael Shannon) urging to deal with her ailing mother (Blythe Danner) and her father's (Robert Forster) reluctance to let go of their life together. Taissa Farmiga and Josh Lucas are also part of the cast.

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July 22nd, 2018

11:54 am - Aquaman, Glass, Shazam!, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, Zoe
Aquaman     HD720p 92MB   HD1080p 173MB
First trailer for the origin story of half-human, half-Atlantean Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) that takes him on the journey of his lifetime - one that will not only force him to face who he really is, but to discover if he is worthy of who he was born to be ... a king. The film also stars Amber Heard as Mera, a fierce warrior and Aquaman’s ally throughout his journey; Willem Dafoe as Vulko, council to the Atlantean throne; Patrick Wilson as Orm/Ocean Master, the present King of Atlantis; Dolph Lundgren as Nereus, King of the Atlantean tribe Xebel; Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as the vengeful Black Manta; and Nicole Kidman as Arthur’s mom, Atlanna; as well as Ludi Lin as Captain Murk, Atlantean Commando; and Temuera Morrison as Arthur’s dad. Directed by James Wan (Furious Seven, The Conjuring, Saw).
In theatres at Christmas.

Glass     HD720p 96MB
As far as sequels go, this is, at least in theory, an interesting variation. It brings together the narratives of the two M. Night Shyamalan movies Unbreakable and Split.
Bruce Willis returns as David Dunn as does Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price, known also by his pseudonym Mr. Glass. They are joined by James McAvoy, reprising his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities who reside within, and Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive to survive an encounter with The Beast. Following the conclusion of Split, the film finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men. A cast addition is Sarah Paulson.

Shazam!     HD720p 94MB   HD1080p 197MB
Teaser trailer for another origin story with "his own distinctly fun, family-centric tone" for another DC Super Hero. We all have a superhero inside us, it just takes a bit of magic to bring it out. In Billy Batson’s (Asher Angel) case, by shouting out one word - SHAZAM! - this streetwise 14-year-old foster kid can turn into the adult Super Hero Shazam (Zachary Levi), courtesy of an ancient wizard (Djimon Hounsou). Still a kid at heart - inside a ripped, godlike body - Shazam revels in this adult version of himself by doing what any teen would do with superpowers: have fun with them! Can he fly? Does he have X-ray vision? Can he shoot lightning out of his hands? He sets out to test the limits of his abilities with the joyful recklessness of a child. But he’ll need to master these powers quickly in order to fight the deadly forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Mark Strong).
So far a little too family friendly. To be in theatres next April.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald     HD720p 119MB   HD1080p 226MB
Second, extended trailer for the sequel. At the end of the first film, the powerful Dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald (Johnny Depp) was captured by MACUSA (Magical Congress of the United States of America), with the help of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne). But, making good on his threat, Grindelwald escaped custody and has set about gathering followers, most unsuspecting of his true agenda: to raise pure-blood wizards up to rule over all non-magical beings. In an effort to thwart Grindelwald’s plans, ... metrosexual Albus Dumbledore (Jude Law) enlists his former student Scamander, who agrees to help, unaware of the dangers that lie ahead. Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol, Dan Fogler, Carmen Ejogo and Ezra Miller also return. Cast additions are Zoë Kravitz and Callum Turner. Again directed by David Yates.

Zoe     HD720p 9MB
Trailer for the latest relationship movie directed by Drake Doremus (Breathe In, Like Crazy, Newness). In the not-too-distant future, technology has honed romantic relationships down to a science: A computerized test can determine the likelihood of successful partnership between two individuals, and androids have been designed as the ideal partners, ones who will never leave. Zoe (Léa Seydoux) and Cole (Ewan McGregor) work in the research facility responsible for developing this technology, and it’s against this backdrop of romantic engineering that their own relationship begins to blossom. But a sudden accident opens a division between them, threatening their nascent relationship. Theo James, Rashida Jones, Christina Aguilera and Miranda Otto are also part of the cast.
Festival reviews are similarly mixed as for Doremus' previous films. Now streaming on Amazon Prime.

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July 19th, 2018

11:41 am - Mary Queen of Scots, On the Basis of Sex, A Simple Favor, Bohemian Rhapsody, Cold War
Mary Queen of Scots     HD720p 89MB
Period drama that explores the turbulent life of the charismatic Mary Stuart (Saoirse Ronan). Queen of France at 16 and widowed at 18, she defies pressure to remarry. Instead, she returns to her native Scotland to reclaim her rightful throne. But Scotland and England fall under the rule of the compelling Elizabeth I (Margot Robbie). Each young Queen beholds her “sister” in fear and fascination. Rivals in power and in love, and female regents in a masculine world, the two must decide how to play the game of marriage versus independence. Guy PearceJack Lowden, Joe Alwyn, Gemma Chan, Adrian Lester and David Tennant are also part of the cast. Directed by Josie Rourke, artistic director of the London's Donmar Warehouse theatre.
I feel a bit distracted by make-up and hair.

On the Basis of Sex     HD720p 94MB
Biopic that tells the an inspiring and spirited true story of young lawyer Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) as she teams with her husband Marty (Armie Hammer) to bring a groundbreaking case before the U.S. Court of Appeals and overturn a century of gender discrimination. Justin Theroux, Kathy Bates, Sam Waterston and Jack Reynor are also part of the cast.
There's currently also a highly successful documentary still in theatrical release in the US about the "notorious" RBG: HD720p 97MB.

A Simple Favor     HD720p 89MB
Full trailer for this thriller mystery that centres around Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Blake Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town. She is joined by Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding). Linda Cardellini, Jean Smart and Rupert Friend are also part of the cast. Directed by Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters).
I don't want to get my hopes up too high, but looks interesting.

Bohemian Rhapsody     HD720p 89MB
Full trailer for a "foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury" (Rami Malek). The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury's lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid, where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Lucy Boynton, Aiden Gillen, Tom Hollander and Mike Myers are also part of the cast. At the end, after Bryan Singer was fired, directed on short notice by Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle, Sunshine on Leith).
My first impulse is still, why not watch an old concert performance of the real thing.

Cold War - Zimna wojna     HD720p 13MB
Jazzy, music-only trailer for this passionate love story from Poland in black and white between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatally mismatched and yet fatefully condemned to each other. Set against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s in Poland, Berlin, Yugoslavia and Paris, the film depicts an impossible love story in impossible times. Directed by Pawel Pawlikowski (Ida, My Summer of Love, The Woman in the Fifth).
Festival reviews are glowing, Pawlikowski won the Best Director award this year in Cannes.

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July 12th, 2018

11:33 am - Colette, Juliet Naked, Life Itself, A Happening of Monumental Proportions, The Spy Gone North
Colette     HD720p 96MB
Biopic about French novelist Colette. After marrying a successful Parisian writer known commonly as “Willy” (Dominic West), Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette (Keira Knightley) is transplanted from her childhood home in rural France to the intellectual and artistic splendor of Paris. Soon after, Willy convinces Colette to ghostwrite for him. She pens a semi-autobiographical novel about a witty and brazen country girl named Claudine, sparking a bestseller and a cultural sensation. After its success, Colette and Willy become the talk of Paris and their adventures inspire additional Claudine novels. Colette's fight over creative ownership and gender roles drives her to overcome societal constraints, revolutionizing literature, fashion and sexual expression. Directed by Wash Westmoreland (Still Alice, The Last of Robin Hood, Quinceañera).
Was very well received at Sundance.

Juliet, Naked     HD720p 90MB
Romantic, comedic drama based on the novel by Nick Hornby. Annie (Rose Byrne) is stuck in a long-term relationship with Duncan (Chris O’Dowd) – an obsessive fan of obscure rocker Tucker Crowe (Ethan Hawke). When the acoustic demo of Tucker's hit record from 25 years ago surfaces, its release leads to a life-changing encounter between Annie and the elusive rocker himself. Directed by Jesse Peretz (Our Idiot Brother).
Given the talent involved this looks not very romantic nor particularly comedic.

Life Itself     HD720p 91MB
Full trailer for this drama that centers on a couple (Oscar Isaac, Olivia Wilde) that leads a multi generational love story spanning both decades and continents, from the streets of New York to the Spanish countryside, and are all connected by a single event. Olivia Cooke, Annette Bening, Antonio Banderas, Laia Costa and Mandy Patinkin are also part of the cast.
I'm probably just overly grumpy, but trailer reminds me of an insurance commercial.

A Happening of Monumental Proportions     HD720p 91MB
Comedy that marks Judy Greer's directorial debut. It's about Daniel, an account manager (Common) with a boring job gearing up for Career Day at his daughter's elementary school, while dealing with the fallout of an intra-office romance with his assistant (Jennifer Garner) and his nasty new boss (Bradley Whitford). The boss's unfortunately nerdy son finds himself instantly entranced with Daniel's daughter (Storm Reid), seeking advice from their school's hip shop teacher (John Cho) and depressed music teacher (Anders Holm), without success. The teachers' principal team (Allison Janney, Rob Riggle) spend their day trying to hide the school's dead gardener from not only the staff, but also the students and their parents, who experience a Career Day they likely will never forget. Katie Holmes and Kumail Nanjiani are also part of the cast.
That's already a large amount of people. But watch for the surprise cameo entrance at the end.

The Spy Gone North     HD720p 60MB
Political thriller set in 1993 Korea, the only country where the Cold War continues, tensions surrounding the development of nuclear weapons escalate. An army major in the South Korea military intelligence with the code name ‘Black Venus’ is assigned a mission to infiltrate the North Korean nuclear facility. He disguises himself as a South Korean businessman working on a collaborative project with North Korea, and approaches a North Korean high official based in Beijing. After laying down groundwork for years, he finally manages to win the North Korean ruling class’ trust. However, he discovers that both North and South Korea are making secret deals for their own interests in the 1998 South Korean presidential election.
Probably not easy to follow, but apparently well worth a look if you like thrillers without shootouts and car chases.

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July 11th, 2018

10:50 am - The Favourite, Welcome to Marwen, Creed II, Mandy, The House with a Clock in Its Walls
The Favourite     HD720p 17MB
Short teaser for the latest movie movie directed by Yorgos Lanthimos (The Lobster, Dogtooth, The Killing of a Sacred Deer). Early 18th century. England is at war with the French. Nevertheless, duck racing and pineapple eating are thriving. A frail Queen Anne (Olivia Colman) occupies the throne and her close friend Lady Sarah (Rachel Weisz) governs the country in her stead while tending to Anne’s ill health and mercurial temper. When a new servant Abigail (Emma Stone) arrives, her charm endears her to Sarah. Sarah takes Abigail under her wing and Abigail sees a chance at a return to her aristocratic roots. As the politics of war become quite time consuming for Sarah, Abigail steps into the breach to fill in as the Queen’s companion.
Summary certainly doesn't do justice to the weirdness of the teaser. This is madness.

Welcome to Marwen     HD720p 94MB
Drama with comedic elements that tells the miraculous true story of one broken man's fight as he discovers how artistic imagination can restore the human spirit. When a devastating attack shatters Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) and wipes away all memories, no one expected recovery. Putting together pieces from his old and new life, he meticulously creates a wondrous town where he can heal and be heroic. As he builds an astonishing art installation through his fantasy world, he draws strength to triumph in the real one. Leslie Mann, Diane Kruger, Janelle Monáe, Eiza González and Gwendolyn Christie are also part of the cast. Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Beowulf, The Polar Express, A Christmas Carol)
If you find the story interesting and don't want to wait until November, or let's say, if the Polar Express-like animation makes you feel nauseous, or if you find the trailer manipulative and just awful in general. There's a less streamlined, award-winning doc about Hogancamp.

Creed II     HD720p 68MB
First trailer for the sequel of the reboot. Life has become a balancing act for Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan). Between personal obligations and training for his next big fight, he is up against the challenge of his life. Facing an opponent with ties to his family's past only intensifies his impending battle in the ring. Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) is there by his side through it all and, together, Rocky and Adonis will confront their shared legacy, question what's worth fighting for, and discover that nothing's more important than family. Tessa Thompson, Phylicia Rashad and Andre Ward also return. Director Ryan Coogler does not.

Mandy     HD720p 36MB
Psychedelic, violent, action thriller set in the Pacific Northwest, 1983 AD. Outsiders Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) and Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough) lead a loving and peaceful existence. When their pine-scented haven is savagely destroyed by a cult led by the sadistic Jeremiah Sand (Linus Roache), Red is catapulted into a phantasmagoric journey filled with bloody vengeance and laced with fire. Directed by Panos Cosmatos (Beyond the Black Rainbow).
Looks like it makes good use of Cage's specific talent.

The House with a Clock in Its Walls     HD720p 94MB
Full trailer for the movie adaptation of a children's classic, a magical adventure that tells the spine-tingling tale of 10-year-old Lewis (Owen Vaccaro) who goes to live with his uncle (Jack Black) in a creaky old house with a mysterious tick-tocking heart. But his new town’s sleepy façade jolts to life with a secret world of warlocks and witches when Lewis accidentally awakens the dead. Cate Blanchett, Kyle MacLachlan, Collen Camp and Renée Elise Goldsberry are also part of the cast.
I still hesitate to mention it, it's directed by Eli Roth (Hostel, Hostel 2, Death Wish).

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June 29th, 2018

11:10 am - Beautiful Boy, Support the Girls, The Equalizer 2, Madeline's Madeline, Ideal Home
Beautiful Boy     HD720p 96MB
Family drama based on the memoirs from father and son David (Steve Carell) and Nic Sheff (Timothée Chalamet). It chronicles the heartbreaking and inspiring experience of survival, relapse, and recovery in a family coping with addiction over many years. Maura Tierney, Amy Ryan and Kaitlyn Dever are also part of the cast. Directed by Felix Van Groeningen (The Broken Circle Breakdown).
I think it's fair to say that this is aimed at awards season.

Support the Girls     HD720p 90MB
Comedic drama about Lisa Conroy (Regina Hall), the general manager at Double Whammies, a highway-side 'sports bar with curves'. She's come to love the place and its customers. An incurable den mother, she nurtures and protects her girls fiercely - but over the course of one trying day, her optimism is battered from every direction. Haley Lu Richardson, Brooklyn Decker, Jana Kramer, James Le Gros, Dylan Gelula, AJ Michalka and Lea DeLaria are also part of the cast. Written and directed by Andrew Bujalski (Results, Computer Chess).
Was very well received at festivals, reviews especially praise Hall's performance.

The Equalizer 2     HD720p 92MB
Second trailer for the sequel, again directed by Antoine Fuqua (King Arthur, The Magnificent Seven, Training Day). Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) once again serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed – but how far will he go when that is someone he loves? Bill Pullman and Melissa Leo also return. Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders and Sakina Jaffrey are also part to the cast.
I have to admit, I didn't find the blunt and brutal (self-)justice of the first movie particularly appealing.

Madeline's Madeline     HD720p 62MB
For those who like to watch a more experimental movie now and then, a trailer for the latest movie by Josephine Decker (Butter on the Latch, Thou Wast Mild and Lovely). Madeline (Helena Howard) has become an integral part of a prestigious physical theater troupe. When the workshop's ambitious director (Molly Parker) pushes the teenager to weave her rich interior world and troubled history with her mother (Miranda July) into their collective art, the lines between performance and reality begin to blur. The resulting battle between imagination and appropriation rips out of the rehearsal space and through all three women’s live.

Ideal Home    HD720p 70MB
Comedy about Paul (Paul Rudd) and celebrity chef Erasmus (Steve Coogan) who live an extravagant, self-indulgent life. When the grandson they never knew existed crashes their fancy dinner party, their lives are turned upside-down. Written and directed by Andrew Fleming (Hamlet 2, Nancy Drew, Dick).
Don't find it really funny. But reviews are a lot less bad than I had expected. Now in limited release in the US and available on streaming platforms.

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June 20th, 2018

11:49 am - Dumbo, Custody, The Little Stranger, The Catcher Was a Spy, The Grinch
Dumbo     HD720p 52MB
First teaser trailer for the Disney live-action version, directed by Tim Burton (Alice in Wonderland, Sleepy Hollow, Big Fish), to be in theatres next March. Circus owner Max Medici (Danny DeVito) enlists former star Holt Farrier (Colin Farrell) and his children to care for a newborn elephant whose oversized ears make him a laughingstock in an already struggling circus. But when they discover that Dumbo can fly, the circus makes an incredible comeback, attracting persuasive entrepreneur V.A. Vandevere (Michael Keaton), who recruits the peculiar pachyderm for his newest, larger-than-life entertainment venture, Dreamland. Dumbo soars to new heights alongside a charming and spectacular aerial artist (Eva Green), until Holt learns that beneath its shiny veneer, Dreamland is full of dark secrets.

Custody - Jusqu'à la garde     HD720p 58MB
Intense drama from France that plays like a thriller. A broken marriage leads to a bitter custody battle with an embattled son. Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam (Léa Drucker) is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine (Denis Ménochet) pleads his case as a scorned dad whose children have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. Unsure who is telling the truth, the appointed judge rules in favor of joint custody. A hostage to the escalating conflict between his parents, Julien is pushed to the edge to prevent the worst from happening.
First time director Xavier Legrand won the Best Director award last fall in Venice.

The Little Stranger     HD720p 95MB
Mystery drama that tells the story of Dr Faraday (Domhnall Gleeson), the son of a housemaid, who has built a life of quiet respectability as a country doctor. During the long hot summer of 1948, he is called to a patient at Hundreds Hall, where his mother once worked. The Hall has been home to the Ayres family for more than two centuries. But it is now in decline and its inhabitants - mother, son and daughter - are haunted by something more ominous than a dying way of life. Ruth Wilson, Will Poulter and Charlotte Rampling are also part of the cast. Directed Lenny Abrahamson (Room, Garage, Frank).

The Catcher Was a Spy     HD720p 83MB
Stranger-than-fiction espionage thriller that brings to life the story of Moe Berg, the professional baseball player who became a World War II spy. A Jewish, Princeton-educated, multilingual catcher for the Boston Red Sox with a closely-guarded private life, Berg (Paul Rudd) was already a man of mystery when, in 1944, the US government’s wartime intelligence agency enlisted his services. His mission: go behind enemy lines in Europe to assassinate the Nazi’s chief nuclear scientist (Mark Strong) before the Germans develop an atomic bomb. Jeff Daniels, Paul Giamatti, Sienna Miller, Guy Pearce, Tom Wilkinson, Giancarlo Giannini and Hiroyuki Sanada are also part of the cast. Directed by Ben Lewin (The Sessions, Please Stand By).
Festival reviews are mixed, but cast is great. It's also interesting to see Rudd's recent attempts to broaden his range.

The Grinch    HD720p 88MB
Second trailer for the animated adaptation of the Dr. Seuss' book, from the studio that also brought us The Lorax. It tells the story of a cynical grump (Benedict Cumberbatch) who goes on a mission to steal Christmas, only to have his heart changed by a young girl's generous holiday spirit. Co-directed by Yarrow Cheney (The Secret Life of Pets) and Scott Mosier who's best known for producing all movies from Kevin Smith.

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June 12th, 2018

11:10 am - First Man, The Girl in the Spider's Web, Serenity, Bad Times at the El Royale, Siberia
First Man     HD720p 93MB
A look at the life of the astronaut, Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling), and the legendary space mission that led him to become the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969. The movie will explore the sacrifices and the cost - on Armstrong and on the nation - of one of the most dangerous missions in history. Claire Foy, Jason Clarke, Kyle Chandler, Patrick Fugit and Ciarán Hinds are also part of the cast. Movie re-unites Gosling with director Damien Chazelle (La La Land, Whiplash, Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench).

The Girl in the Spider's Web     HD720p 95MB
First trailer for the second US movie, based on the characters once created by Stieg Larsson, with a different cast and director. Young computer hacker Lisbeth Salander (Claire Foy) and journalist Mikael Blomkvist (Sverrir Gudnason) find themselves caught in a web of spies, cybercriminals and corrupt government officials. Lakeith Stanfield, Sylvia Hoeks, Stephen Merchant, Claes Bang and Vicky Krieps are also part of the cast. Directed by Fede Alvarez (Don't Breathe, Evil Dead).

Serenity     HD720p 35MB
Thriller written and directed by Steven Knight (Locke). Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) is a fishing boat captain leading tours off a tranquil, tropical enclave called Plymouth Island. His quiet life is shattered, however, when his ex-wife (Anne Hathaway) tracks him down with a desperate plea for help. She begs him to save her – and their young son – from her new, violent husband (Jason Clarke) by taking him out to sea on a fishing excursion, only to throw him to the sharks and leave him for dead. Her appearance thrusts Dill back into a life he'd tried to forget, and as he struggles between right and wrong, his world is plunged into a new reality that may not be all that it seems. Diane Lane, Djimon Hounsou and Jeremy Strong are also part of the cast.

Bad Times at the El Royale     HD720p 31MB
Redband trailer for this thriller in which seven strangers (Jeff Bridges, Cynthia Erivo, Dakota Johnson, Jon Hamm, Cailee Spaeny, Nick Offerman, Chris Hemsworth), each with a secret to bury, meet at Lake Tahoe's El Royale, a rundown hotel with a dark past. Over the course of one fateful night, everyone will have a last shot at redemption.

Siberia     HD720p 30MB
An American diamond merchant (Keanu Reeves) travels to Russia to sell rare blue diamonds of questionable origin. As the deal begins to collapse he falls into an obsessive relationship with a Russian cafe owner (Ana Ularu) in a small Siberian town. As their passion builds, so does the treacherous world of the diamond trade from which he is unable to extricate himself. Directed by Matthew Ross (Frank & Lola).

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June 8th, 2018

11:27 am - Operation Finale, A Star Is Born, How to Train Your Dragon 3, The Children Act, On the Seventh Day
Operation Finale     HD720p 94MB
Political thriller that follows the 1960 covert mission of legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac) as he infiltrates Argentina and captures Adolf Eichmann (Ben Kingsley), the Nazi officer who masterminded the transportation logistics that brought millions of innocent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps. Mélanie Laurent, Nick Kroll and Haley Lu Richardson are also part of the cast. Directed by Chris Weitz (The Golden Compass, About a Boy, The Twilight Saga: New Moon).
It sure looks intense.

A Star Is Born     HD720p 91MB
Trailer for the "new take" of this musical love drama that marks the directorial debut of Bradley Cooper. It's about seasoned musician Jackson Maine (Cooper), who discovers - and falls in love with - struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga). She has just about given up on her dream to make it big as a singer ... until Jack coaxes her into the spotlight. But even as her career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down, as Jack fights an ongoing battle with his own internal demons. Dave Chappelle and Sam Elliott are also part of the cast.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World     HD720p 87MB
First trailer for the third, and possible final movie of the animated series. Again directed by Director Dean DeBlois, to be in theatres early next year. Now chief and ruler of Berk alongside Astrid (America Ferrera), Hiccup (Jay Baruchel) has created a gloriously chaotic dragon utopia. When the sudden appearance of female Light Fury coincides with the darkest threat their village has ever faced, Hiccup and Toothless must leave the only home they’ve known and journey to a hidden world thought only to exist in myth. More voices will be provided by Craig Ferguson, F. Murray Abraham, Cate Blanchett, Kit Harington, Jonah Hill, Kristen Wiig, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller, Djimon Hounsou and Gerard Butler.

The Children Act     HD1080p 27MB
UK trailer for this drama based on the novel by Ian McEwan (Atonement, On Chesil Beach), directed by Richard Eyre (Notes on a Scandal, Iris, Stage Beauty). Judge Fiona Maye (Emma Thompson) is married to her work, which has become a problem for her husband (Stanley Tucci), who announces that he wants to have an affair. Treating the matter more as an annoyance than a life-altering crisis, Fiona kicks him out and focuses on her current case. The question: should a couple who are Jehovah's Witnesses be permitted to deny a life-saving blood transfusion to their leukemia-stricken 17-year-old son (Fionn Whitehead)? Fiona finds herself taking unusual measures to determine her verdict - measures that will have far-reaching consequences.

On the Seventh Day - En El Séptimo Día     HD720p 79MB
While many of us currently wrestle with the question how much to support an oppressive regime by watching the upcoming World Cup, a trailer for a very well reviewed drama that follows a group of undocumented immigrants living in Sunset Park, Brooklyn over the course of seven days. They work long hours six days a week and then savor their day of rest on Sundays on the soccer fields of Sunset Park. When José, a bicycle delivery worker and the team's captain, learns he has to work on Sunday, the day of the finals, he's forced to choose between his job and his community.
Now in limited release in the US.

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June 7th, 2018

11:41 am - Widows, Mortal Engines, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, Yardie, Won't You Be My Neighbor?
Widows     HD720p 71MB
Thriller based on TV mini-series that tells the story of four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands' criminal activities. Set in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, tensions build when Veronica (Viola Davis), Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), Linda (Michelle Rodriguez) and Belle (Cynthia Erivo) take their fate into their own hands and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall, Daniel Kaluuya, Jacki Weaver, Jon Bernthal, Lukas Haas and Brian Tyree Henry are also part of the cast. Directed by Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave, Shame, Hunger). Gillian Flynn worked on the screenplay.

Mortal Engines     HD720p 92MB
Full trailer for this action adventure based on the novels by Philip Reeve that may provide the basis for another franchise. Thousands of years after civilization was destroyed by a cataclysmic event, humankind has adapted and a new way of living has evolved. Gigantic moving cities now roam the Earth, ruthlessly preying upon smaller traction towns. Tom Natsworthy (Robert Sheehan) - who hails from a Lower Tier of the great traction city of London - finds himself fighting for his own survival after he encounters the dangerous fugitive Hester Shaw (Hera Hilmar). Two opposites, whose paths should never have crossed, forge an unlikely alliance that is destined to change the course of the future. Better known cast members are Hugo Weaving and Stephen Lang.
Directed by Christian Rivers who so far worked as a storyboard artist and on the visual effects of the LotR, Hobbit, as well as other Peter Jackson movies. Which leads to the driving force behind this project: Jackson, Philippa Boyens and Fran Walsh who are responsible for the writing and producing side.

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part     HD720p 88MB
First trailer for the sequel, to be in theatres in February. It’s been five years since everything was awesome and the citizens are facing a huge new threat: Lego Duplo invaders from outer space, wrecking everything faster than they can rebuild. The battle to defeat them and restore harmony to the Lego universe will take Emmet (Chris Pratt), Lucy (Elizabeth Banks), Batman (Will Arnett) and their friends to faraway, unexplored worlds, including a strange galaxy where everything is a musical. Many other voices return too, new additions are Stephanie Beatriz as Sweet Mayhem, Tiffany Haddish as Queen Watevra Wa-Nabi and Arturo Castro as Ice Cream Cone.

Yardie     HD1080p 17MB
UK trailer for this gangster drama that marks the directorial debut of Idris Elba. On a hot night in Kingston, Jamaica, 1973, Jerry Dread stops the music at an outdoor party to encourage a truce between warring gangs. His little brother Denis looks on from the crowd as an assassin's bullet rings out, taking Jerry’s life. A decade later, Denis (Aml Ameen) is the right-hand man to gang boss Fox, who sends him on a loyalty-testing mission to London. But when the mission goes wrong, he hides out with an old flame and decides to find his brother’s killer.

Won't You Be My Neighbor?     HD720p 100MB
Documentary about Fred Rogers that will probably make a lot of American viewers feel nostalgic. Rogers led a singular life. He was a puppeteer. A minister. A musician. An educator. A father, a husband, and a neighbor. He spent 50 years on children’s television beseeching us to love and to allow ourselves to be loved. With television as his pulpit, he helped transform the concept of childhood. He used puppets and play to explore the most complicated issues of the day - race, disability, equality and tragedy. He spoke directly to children and they responded by forging a lifelong bond with him - by the millions.

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June 6th, 2018

12:09 pm - White Boy Rick, Suspiria, Bumblebee, Hotel Artemis, Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2
White Boy Rick     HD720p 94MB
Drama based on a true story, set in 1980s Detroit at the height of the crack epidemic and the War on Drugs, about a blue-collar father (Matthew McConaughey) and his teenage son, Rick Wershe Jr. (Richie Merritt), who became an undercover police informant and later a drug dealer, before he was abandoned by his handlers and sentenced to life in prison. Bel Powley, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce Dern, Piper Laurie, Brian Tyree Henry and Eddie Marsan are also part of the cast. Directed by Yann Demange ('71).

Suspiria     HD720p 56MB
Teaser trailer for the remake of the horror movie by Dario Argento. A darkness swirls at the center of a world-renowned dance company, one that will engulf the troupe's artistic director (Tilda Swinton), an ambitious young dancer (Dakota Johnson), and a grieving psychotherapist. Some will succumb to the nightmare. Chloë Grace Moretz, Mia Goth and Jessica Harper are also part of the cast. Directed by Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name, A Bigger Splash, I Am Love).

Bumblebee     HD720p 93MB
First trailer for this Transformers spin-off based on the Hasbro toy franchise, to be in theatres in December. On the run in the year 1987, Bumblebee finds refuge in a junkyard in a small Californian beach town. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the cusp of turning 18 and trying to find her place in the world, discovers Bumblebee, battle-scarred and broken. John Cena and John Ortiz are also part of the cast. Not that you can see it from the trailer, it's not directed by auteur Michael Bay but by renowned animator Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings).

Hotel Artemis     HD720p 33MB
Redband trailer version for this darkly comedic action thriller set in riot-torn, near-future Los Angeles. It's about a Nurse (Jodie Foster), who runs a secret, members-only hospital for criminals. Sterling K. Brown, Sofia Boutella, Jeff Goldblum, Brian Tyree Henry, Jenny Slate, Zachary Quinto, Charlie Day and Dave Bautista are also part of the cast.

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2     HD720p 37MB
Full trailer for the animated sequel, to be in theatres Thanksgiving. Video game bad guy Ralph (John C. Reilly) and fellow misfit Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman) navigate the vast and dynamic world wide web in search of a replacement part to save Vanellope's game, Sugar Rush. Jack McBrayer and Jane Lynch's voices also return. It will apparently feature characters from all four of Disney's major brands: Disney Animation, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. Brands seems to be the most important thing here.
Incessant product placement is annoying in any movie, but particularly so in movies aimed at kids.

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June 2nd, 2018

10:42 am - Wildlife, Peppermint, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Christopher Robin, Under the Tree
Wildlife     HD720p 17MB
Teaser trailer for this family drama that marks the directorial debut of Paul Dano. Fourteen-year-old Joe is the only child of Jeanette (Carey Mulligan) and Jerry (Jake Gyllenhaal) - a housewife and a golf pro - in a small town in 1960s Montana. Nearby, an uncontrolled forest fire rages close to the Canadian border, and when Jerry loses his job he decides to join the cause of fighting the fire, leaving his wife and son to fend for themselves. Suddenly forced into the role of an adult, Joe witnesses his mother's struggle as she tries to keep her head above water. Dano and Zoe Kazan wrote the adapted screenplay.
Was well received in Sundance.

Peppermint     HD720p 91MB
Not exactly subtle action revenge thriller that tells the story of young mother Riley North (Jennifer Garner) who awakens from a coma after her husband and daughter are killed in a brutal attack on the family. When the system frustratingly shields the murderers from justice, she sets out to transform herself from citizen to urban guerilla. Channeling her frustration into personal motivation, she spends years in hiding honing her mind, body and spirit to become an unstoppable force. Directed by Pierre Morel (From Paris With Love, Taken, Banlieue 13).
Trying to put a positive spin on this. At least in theory, an 'Alias' revival seems possible. And maybe it helped her to get Ben Affleck out of her system.

The Spy Who Dumped Me     HD720p 81MB
Second trailer for this action comedy about Audrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon), two thirty-year-old best friends in Los Angeles, who are thrust unexpectedly into an international conspiracy when Audrey's ex-boyfriend (Justin Theroux) shows up at their apartment with a team of deadly assassins on his trail. Surprising even themselves, the duo jump into action, on the run throughout Europe from assassins and a suspicious-but-charming British agent (Sam Heughan), as they hatch a plan to save the world. Gillian Anderson, Hasan Minhaj and Ivanna Sakhno are also part of the cast. Co-written and directed by Susanna Fogel (Life Partners).

Christopher Robin     HD720p 93MB
Full trailer for another movie related to the characters by A.A. Milne. A working-class family man, Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor), encounters his childhood friend Winnie-the-Pooh (Jim Cummings), who helps him to rediscover the joys of life. Hayley Atwell plays his wife, Mark Gatiss his boss. The film also features the voices of: Chris O'Dowd as Tigger; Brad Garrett as Eeyore; Toby Jones as Owl; Nick Mohammed as Piglet; Peter Capaldi as Rabbit; and Sophie Okonedo as Kanga. Directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace, Stranger Than Fiction).

Under the Tree - Undir trénu     HD720p 83MB
Darkly comedic drama from Iceland. When Baldvin and Inga’s next door neighbors complain that a tree in their backyard casts a shadow over their sundeck, what starts off as a typical spat between neighbors in the suburbs unexpectedly and violently spirals out of control.
As Ron Burgundy likes to observe, boy, that escalated quickly.

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May 27th, 2018

11:03 am - The Sisters Brothers, Damsel, Papillon, Skyscraper, The Happytime Murders
The Sisters Brothers     US HD720p 88MB    FR HD720p 24MB
Comedic western drama set in Oregon in 1851 based on the novel by Patrick Dewitt. It follows two brothers - Eli and Charlie Sisters (Joaquin Phoenix, John C. Reilly) - who are hired to kill a prospector (Riz Ahmed) who has stolen from their boss (Rutger Hauer). Jake Gyllenhaal is also part of the cast. While the cast already is an interesting mix. The surprising director is Jacques Audiard (A Prophet, Rust and Bone, The Beat That My Heart Skipped).
You can choose between very different trailer versions from the US and France.

Damsel     HD720p 77MB
And another comedic western drama, this one set in the Wild West circa 1870. An affluent pioneer, Samuel Alabaster (Robert Pattinson) ventures deep into the American wilderness to reunite with and marry the love of his life, Penelope (Mia Wasikowska). For his journey he brings Butterscotch, a miniature horse intended as a wedding present for his bride, and enlists drunkard Parson Henry (David Zellner) to conduct the ceremony. As they traverse the lawless frontier their once simple journey grows treacherous, and the lines between hero, villain, and damsel are blurred. Directed by David and Nathan Zellner (Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter).

Papillon     HD720p 91MB
Trailer for the remake based on the memoir of Henri Charrière. It tells the epic story of Henri “Papillon” Charrière (Charlie Hunnam), a safecracker from the Parisian underworld who is framed for murder and condemned to life in the notorious penal colony on Devil’s Island. Determined to regain his freedom, he forms an unlikely alliance with quirky convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega (Rami Malek), who in exchange for protection, agrees to finance Papillon's escape, ultimately resulting in a bond of lasting friendship.

Skyscraper     HD720p 112MB
Second trailer for this action movie in which former FBI Hostage Rescue Team leader and U.S. war veteran Will Sawyer (I quote, global icon Dwayne Johnson), who now assesses security for skyscrapers, on assignment in China, finds the tallest, safest building in the world suddenly ablaze, and he's been framed for it. A wanted man on the run, he must find those responsible, clear his name and somehow rescue his family (Neve Campbell) who is trapped inside the building ... above the fire line. Chin Han, Noah Taylor and Pablo Schreiber are also part of the cast. Written and directed Rawson Marshall Thurber (We're the Millers, Dodgeball, Central Intelligence).

The Happytime Murders     HD720p 36MB
Redband trailer for this filthy comedy set in the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles where puppets and humans coexist. Two clashing detectives with a shared secret, one human (Melissa McCarthy) and one puppet, are forced to work together again to solve the brutal murders of the former cast of a beloved classic puppet television show. Joel McHale, Leslie David Baker, Maya Rudolph, Joel McHale and Elizabeth Banks are also part of the cast.
"Filthy" sounds about right. Funny would be better. The biggest "joke" is that it is directed by Brian Henson, son of Jim. They are probably very grateful for the additional publicity now that they are sued by Sesame Street.

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May 23rd, 2018

11:45 am - Mowgli, City of Lies, Burning, Who We Are Now, Blindspotting
Mowgli     HD720p 87MB
First trailer for another, apparently darker adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's book, this time directed by Andy Serkis (Breathe). The story follows the upbringing of the human child Mowgli (Rohan Chand), raised by a wolf pack in the jungles of India. As he learns the often harsh rules of the jungle, under the tutelage of a bear named Baloo (Serkis) and a panther named Bagheera (Christian Bale), he becomes accepted by the animals of the jungle as one of their own. All but one: the fearsome tiger Shere Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch). Cate Blanchett voices Kaa, other roles will be played or spoken by Freida Pinto, Naomie Harris, Peter Mullan, Eddie Marsan, Matthew Rhys and Tom Hollander.

City of Lies     HD720p 85MB
Crime thriller based on the infamous murder of The Notorious B.I.G. shortly following the death of Tupac. L.A.P.D. detective Russell Poole (Johnny Depp) has spent years trying to solve his biggest case, but after two decades, the investigation remains open. A reporter (Forest Whitaker) desperate to save his reputation and career, is determined to find out why. In search of the truth, the two team up and unravel a growing web of institutional corruption and lies. Directed by Brad Furman (The Lincoln Lawyer, The Infiltrator, Runner Runner).

Burning - Beoning     HD720p 22MB
Short trailer for this mystery thriller from South Korea, inspired by a short story by Haruki Murakami. Deliveryman Jongsu (Yoo Ah-in) is out on a job when he runs into Haemi (Jeon Jong-seo), a girl who once lived in his neighborhood. She asks if he'd mind looking after her cat while she's away on a trip to Africa. On her return she introduces to Jongsu an enigmatic young man named Ben (Steven Yeun), who she met during her trip. And one day Ben tells Jongsu about his most unusual hobby.
Film took part in the official competition in Cannes. While it didn't win any prizes, it was a favourite among the critics.

Who We Are Now     HD720p 83MB
Intense drama about Beth (Julianne Nicholson), recently released from prison, who is working with her public defender (Jimmy Smits) to get her son back from her sister (Jess Wexler), who was awarded legal custody while she was incarcerated for ten years. Soon after, Beth forms an unlikely alliance with an idealistic young protégé (Emma Roberts) of the public defense team, who decides to take on her cause whether she likes it or not. Zachary Quinto, Lea Thompson and Jason Biggs are also part of the cast.

Blindspotting     HD720p 89MB
Drama with comedic elements about Collin (Daveed Diggs) who must make it through his final three days of probation for a chance at a new beginning. He and his troublemaking childhood best friend, Miles (Rafael Casal), work as movers, and when Collin witnesses a police shooting, the two men’s friendship is tested as they grapple with identity and their changed realities. Also written by Diggs and Casal.

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May 19th, 2018

12:44 pm - Bohemian Rhapsody, Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Destination Wedding, Hearts Beat Loud, Mile 22
Bohemian Rhapsody     HD720p 55MB
First teaser trailer for what I believe once was meant to be a Freddie Mercury biopic. But it is now described as a "foot-stomping celebration of Queen, their music and their extraordinary lead singer Freddie Mercury" (Rami Malek). The film traces the meteoric rise of the band through their iconic songs and revolutionary sound, their near-implosion as Mercury's lifestyle spirals out of control, and their triumphant reunion on the eve of Live Aid, where Mercury, facing a life-threatening illness, leads the band in one of the greatest performances in the history of rock music. Lucy Boynton, Aiden Gillen, Tom Hollander and Mike Myers are also part of the cast. At the end, after Bryan Singer was fired, directed on short notice by Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle, Sunshine on Leith).

Mission: Impossible - Fallout     HD720p 92MB   HD1080p 173MB
I don't think it's really necessary, but here's a second trailer for the latest instalment of the franchise. Surprise, this time we find Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his IMF team (Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames) along with some familiar allies (Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan) in a race against time after a mission gone wrong. Sean Harris also returns, new to the cast are Henry Cavill, Angela Bassett and Vanessa Kirby. Like the previous one, again directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Jack Reacher, Way of the Gun), he also wrote the screenplay.
The place at the 1:43 mark looks familiar.

Destination Wedding     HD720p 10MB
Comedic (and probably romantic) drama about two miserable and unpleasant wedding guests (Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder). When the two meet on their way to a destination wedding, they soon discover they have a lot in common: they both hate the bride, the groom, the wedding, themselves, and most especially each other. As the weekend's events continually force them together – and their cheerlessness immediately isolates them from the other guests - they find that if you verbally spar with someone long enough, anything can happen.
I really want to like this. But so far it looks mostly awkward.

Hearts Beat Loud     HD720p 94MB
Family drama with comedic elements, set in the hip Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, where single dad and record store owner Frank (Nick Offerman) is preparing to send his hard-working daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) off to college, while being forced to close his vintage shop. Hoping to stay connected through their shared musical passions, Frank urges Sam to turn their weekly "jam sesh" into a father-daughter live act. After their first song becomes an Internet breakout, the two embark on a journey of love, growing up and musical discovery. Ted Danson, Sasha Lane, Blythe Danner and Toni Collette are also part of the cast.

Mile 22     HD720p 94MB
Trailer for the latest patriotic collaboration between Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Patriots Day, Deepwater Horizon). An operative (Wahlberg) of the CIA’s most highly-prized and least-understood unit, aided by a top-secret tactical command team, must retrieve and transport an asset who holds life-threatening information to Mile 22 for extraction before the enemy closes in. Lauren Cohan, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey and John Malkovich are also part of the cast.

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May 15th, 2018

11:32 am - BlacKkKlansman, Leave No Trace, Believer, A Simple Favor, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote
BlacKkKlansman     HD720p 92MB
Trailer for the latest movie directed by Spike Lee (Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, Chi-Raq), it is based on an incredible true story. It's the early 1970s, and Ron Stallworth (John David Washington) is the first African-American detective to serve in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Determined to make a name for himself, he bravely sets out on a dangerous mission: infiltrate and expose the Ku Klux Klan. The young detective soon recruits a more seasoned colleague (Adam Driver), into the undercover investigation of a lifetime. Together, they team up to take down the extremist hate group as the organization aims to sanitize its violent rhetoric to appeal to the mainstream. Laura Harrier and Topher Grace are also part of the cast.
Movie currently takes part in the official competition in Cannes. Early reviews are very positive.

Leave No Trace     HD720p 100MB
Drama about Will (Ben Foster) and his teenage daughter, Tom (Thomasin Harcourt McKenzie), who have lived off the grid for years in the forests of Portland, Oregon. When their idyllic life is shattered, both are put into social services. After clashing with their new surroundings, the two set off on a harrowing journey back to their wild homeland. Directed by Debra Granik (Winter's Bone).
Festival reviews are very favourable.

Believer     HD720p 62MB
South Korean remake of Johnnie To's Drug War. It's a crime thriller that follows an investigator who, in an effort to bring down the boss of Asia's biggest drug cartel, conspires with a lowly member of the gang seeking revenge against the boss.
Remakes can be problematic. But Korea produces some of the best, stylish looking crime thrillers. And in that regard this looks very promising.

A Simple Favor     HD720p 47MB
Teaser for this thriller mystery that centres around Stephanie (Anna Kendrick), a mommy vlogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily's (Blake Lively) sudden disappearance from their small town. She is joined by Emily's husband Sean (Henry Golding). Linda Cardellini, Jean Smart and Rupert Friend are also part of the cast. Directed by Paul Feig (Spy, Bridesmaids, Ghostbusters).

The Man Who Killed Don Quixote     HD720p 46MB
Another trailer from France for Terry Gilliam's (Brazil, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Twelve Monkeys) long delayed passion project. It's about an advertising executive (Adam Driver) who jumps back and forth in time between 21st century London and 17th century La Mancha, where Don Quixote (Jonathan Pryce) mistakes him for Sancho Panza. Olga Kurylenko, Stellan Skarsgård, Jordi Mollà, Sergi López and Rossy de Palma are also part of the cast.
After some legal problems, the movie is now scheduled to close the Cannes Film Festival with an out-of-compeition premiere.

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